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How much will I save with Outstaffing?

This will be dependant on your current situation and the outstaffing solution you'll finally choose.

Going to India will probably save you more than a solution in Central and Eastern Europe. However, all solutions have their pros and cons, for sure.

If you compare an outstaffing solution to collaborating with a local agency, you will save most. Let's say 50-75%. If you compare an outstaffing solution to having developers on your own payroll, it will vary from 0-50%.

In my opinion the cost savings shouldn't be the first and only reason to choose outstaffing. Outstaffing is an ideal model to find the right experts, reduce the time to market and easily scale up and down your development team when needed. And most important of all: to maximise the quality of your deliveries (within your budget).

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